Thursday, September 16, 2010

the Neanderthal Couple # 11

What's that? Another addition to your Trophy

Yeah... a very naughty Gorilla!

By the way... where's our son?

Hmmm, maybe somewhere but he'll be here for
dinner i'm sure... it's always like that!

The Neanderthal Couple # 10

I'm warning you for the last time! If you touch
my behind once more- you'll gonna regret it!

Huuuh- huuuhh!

The Neanderthal Couple # 9

# 9

After a hearty dinner is the time to relax,
and there's nothing compared to a real live-show.

OOOHH! That's a beautiful one! Soooooo lovely!

Yeah, and you know what? My heart beats like that Volcano
when i first met you- and it still is. Every time you're close to me.

Look mom! Bootiful!

the Neanderthal Couple # 8

It's been a while and the ' T-Rex Sushi' is almost
done so i thought of cooking seafood for a change.
I've heard the ' jaw ' of the fish is the most delicious
part next to fish belly- and this one really lived-up
to it's name!

Bad pet! Bad, bad! Umm! Ummm!

The Neanderthal Couple # 7

Are you out of your mind leading this T-Rex into
our cave? It could have killed us!

But you killed it! Wow! Just how i want it fresh!
I've heard about this new recipe and i'm sure you will
like it. It's called ' SUSHI! '

The Neanderthal Couple # 6

Woman! I'm hungry, where's my food?

It's coming! It's coming! puff-puff!

the Neanderthal Couple # 5

I'm warning you! If you ever hurt my baby or
ruined my favorite Victoria Secrets undies,
i'll make sure- see to it- that you will be the first
animal on this Planet to be extinct!

The Neanderthal Couple # 4

Hey! I caught a Wolverine in the forest. This
one is surely wild and gave me a tough fight
before i knocked it out! What do you want me
to do with it for dinner?

Me want pet! Me want pet!

The Neanderthal Couple # 2

Thank you for having my legs shaven and buying
my favorite Victoria Secrets undies. Now i know
you really love me so i cooked a delicious T-Rex
steak for you! Enjoy!

And where's the gravy?

The Neanderthal Couple # 1

You said you will take me to the Wax Parlor
then to Victoria Secrets to buy under wears?
Why are we walking in the opposite direction?
Are these another of your broken promises again?
I'm getting tired of this- i'm thinking of leaving
you soon!